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modern christian clothing.

Our mission


"Genesis is all about faith and expressing it through clothing in a respectful and beautiful way."


We don't just sell clothes, we stand for something.

Today, clothing is no longer just clothing. Clothing expresses who you are. Clothing can plant the seed for God in others. We wanted to combine the gospel with modern streetwear clothing. And that's exactly what we've done with Genesis Clothing.

Our products are made in Germany and consist of 100% organic materials such as organic cotton. We use a high grammage (GSM) and also the finest embroidery to ensure the best possible quality.

We believe that we are living in a difficult time, in the end times as prophesied in the holy Bible, you would be a fool not to recognize the signs. We stand up for God's values and do not tolerate everything. What is sold to us as openness and enlightenment is sin and corruption. What is right is presented as wrong and what is wrong is presented as right.

Jesus stood up when he saw injustice, we as his disciples should do the same.

We are open-minded and believe in the freedom of every human being and in the free will that God has given us. We believe that God is alive and still works. We play our part in this. Jesus simply is the Answer to all Questions.

With God's help, our goal is to become one of the biggest clothing brands worldwide and to honour God in this deeply satanic industry.

God bless you in Jesus' name, brother/sister in Christ.

Genesis Tree programm

Plant a tree with every order.

We are partnered with ecologi and for every order you place we plant trees all around the world. Check out how many trees we've already planted and visit our profile here.

1 Mose 26:12

"And Isaac sowed in the land, and in that year he received an hundredfold: for the LORD blessed him."